July 26, 2008


it's 9:44 in the morning and all i've done is eaten a bowl of cheerios.
Only two more weeks of summer, then its back to that place. i still dont know how i feel about going back to school. We'll see on August 11th at 6:00 in the morning.

im currently wasting my time doing quizzes on quizilla.
what a shame

2 daisies:

Raven said...

ah 6am? geezus. my classes dont start until 8:30 (9:40 on wed's)

i dont want to go back to school and have to deal with AP classes... :( i want to drop out of those.

and i miss you! we havent been having our usual 2am convos.

Biianca said...

wow you start school really early...august 11th? eek
and you start your day really early 6AM double eek! Is that really the time your school starts? or when you get up?
hahaha anyway, Im not looking forward to school either. I still have a lot of AP stuff to do over the summer, and I have to read some books too.

I think I'll go do some quizilla quizzes too!