May 28, 2010


I've moved to tumblr

we all need a fresh start sometime

February 15, 2010

okay i lied

I've thought about writing a lot but I kind of like keeping everything inside my head. I'm weird (you would've guessed that one on your own). But I find myself stuck. I feel like there's that blue gooey candy in a tube on the side walk and i keep getting it on my flip flops, and with every step I take the goo wears off but there's still some stuck to the bottom of my shoe. longest analogy ever. Every day grows so different. Some people complain of long boring repetitive days, but I only wish for that. No, its not like my life is some sort of vortex and every morning I don't know where I might end up, but new challenges spring up every day. This will do me some good in the long run.
I had my annual California trip with dance at the beginning of February, and I observed quite a lot this time around. The girls from the other schools (for the most part) just don't get it.
Coming up in a week or so is Cougartown. ahhhh - a sigh of relief. This year I am a counselor and I feel like this a a huge responsibility, but one I can bear the weight of. My toes are tingling to go.
Today the doctor said I have a Type A personality. Oh, I thought I was going to a doctor with an MD not a PhD. But hmm, thanks for the info. Wow this sentence just clarifies that I AM a type a. I don't like the tests that they're making me do. It scares me, it really does. I'm disappointed in myself - I'm supposed to go through my life without any serious diseases and you're trying to tell me there might be something wrong?

It scares me shitless.

January 9, 2010

oh, hai

ive missed you. i miss THIS.
lets start 2010 off with a big promise and say that im going to blog at least once a week.
i dont even want to summerize 2009 up, too much too much.

ive changed quite a bit, but much is still the same. i find myself to be one big contradiction at times. no longer am i a rebellious teenager, which is a very big accomplishment on my part. my parents are proud hah. ive done a complete 180 from how i was over summer or even in the beginning of december. i really think the people i let into my universe have a lot to do with my actions, but they cant be entirely to blame. i find myself in my own world a lot of the time now. its much better than the dull reality my peers have got going on.

so now i leave you with a picture in which i look like an alien

until next time,
- anne marie.

August 22, 2009

coldest story ever told.

that last post makes me mad. i hate capitalizing things. i have a lot of resentment right now. and im not sure if thats even the right word for how i feel. i just need to write right now. put my thoughts out there. because i dont feel like wasting paper and ink. i always write in sentence fragments. not sure why. i sometimes dont finish my sentences when im actually speaking either.

tonight is the first night ive actually been lonely in a very very long time. even when i was confined to nothingness over summer, i still wasnt lonely - i didnt even want to see anyone. but now, i just want to be surrounded by people. only certain people though. ive always been very independent. but now, i want more than anything to just mingle with the crowd. its a weird change. but i think its a good change. i could go a weekend with just staying at home, but now i feel like i HAVE to be out. i just want to leave the nest. fly with the sparrow. its a metaphor.

maybe me wanting to be surrounded by people, is really me becoming even more independent.

July 21, 2009

sitting on the dock

i tend to drift away from things quite easily.
i abandoned this blog,
which is something i never wanted to do.

my world is changed,
and i feel i am no longer the person i once was.
okey that's just me being dramatic

im lost in the ocean
and i need a tug boat to slowly
pull me back to shore.

reach me here:

im not abandoning this babyblog ive created,
any longer ♥

June 5, 2009

skiddly dooo

I think that possibly
Maybe I'm falling for you
Yes There's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you
I've seen the waters that make your eyes shine
Now I'm shining too
Because Oh Because

I've fallen quite hard over you
If I didn't know you I'd rather not know
If I couldn't have you I'd rather be alone
- Falling in love at a Coffee Shop, Landon Pigg

That's been my expression lately, like "uhhhh.. wow"
Don't mind the idiot on the right <3

i gotz them butterflies like no other sukka. What if I talked gangsta all the time?

June 2, 2009

Grin and bare it. That's my moto for the day.