July 23, 2008

just call me grandmére

i get my inspiration from old ladies. that or a table cloth. i love either one, so does it really matter? patterns, patterns patterns. when i was picking some things for school, i would always go to florals, striped, checkered, animal, or colored things. im a sucker for patterns.
here are my favorite things i bought (theres a lot more)

purple skinnies that are supposed to be capris, but im short enough to wear them as jeans. awww how sad.
plaid blouse reminds me of a country girl
tribal-esque bag. LOVE IT. sooo not using a backpack like everyone else
bamboo and charcoal slip ons (ive been eyeing them for ages)
triceratops tee. 'nuff said.
bows for thee hair, cream flower ring, pearl and rose necklace

7 daisies:

annie44212 said...

Say what???

Biianca said...

amazing buys!
I love the purple skinnies so much!

Kaitlin Rae said...

pretty darn cute!

Ana said...

I quite love the tribal bag.

Sam said...

that t-shirt is so cool and I like the purple skinnies.

Raven said...

aw! haha being short is fun.
well actually i wouldnt know.
but im imagining.


hi from Paris Stylish Anne-Mari

well done as usual !

as i am used to on friday, i visit my former and new friends before i go to sleep (it's 4.00 am in Paris) to alert them that they might enjoy and be inspired by my last Paris street style photo reportages :

Parisian girls are so stylish and beautiful this summer. You can appreciate them at www.styleandthecity.com

I wish you a great evening and hope that i was not intrusive

cheers from Paris