July 21, 2008

Why so Serious?

The Dark Knight... go see it. i had chills the whole time, just knowing Heath Ledger is gone. It's strange that his last roll was one as the joker. i dont know,, it was kind of ironic (?). It's hard to explain.
The whole time i was trying to figure out who was the Joker. But it was never figured out. and i cant believe Batman didnt kill him off, when he had to chance!! a different actor will have to play le Joker, since Ledger is dead. he did a superior job on this film.
"you either die a hero, or live long enough to watch yourself become a villian"

3 daisies:

iheartfashion said...

i read somewhere that they didnt kill the joker off because, in the next batman fil they wanted the joker to come back with another supervillian and try and kill batman. But i think they chucked that idea because of heath's death, no other actor could even be a smidgen as good as heath portrayed the joker

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

uuum thanks for the spoiler

icon said...

other people have died that were involved with filming the movie... one stunt man died while doing a stunt on set. Anyhow cute blog!