April 26, 2009

Betty freakin Crocker

Today I had to bake 36 cupcakes for a class assignment. I never want to eat raw batter again. Hoewever, I think they turned out really really good! If a bakery was hiring for a summer job, I'd take it.
This one's my favorite looking: So I've noticed that I really like wearing green and teals lately. This dress I got from Forever 21 is SO comfortable and fits my small lady parts perfectly.Sometimes I despise shopping because dresses are always so loose over my shoulders, and I don't like wearing undershirts. But this one is just great (its the one im wearing in my header).

Another dress that I'm fond of:
Deliciousness (they're also in green packaging by coincidence):
* added like a billion hours later: face chart I just finished.
I feel so proud ;)

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Gina said...

cupcakes are yummy, haha. and i love that color! the dresses are cute