July 10, 2008

I have a craving

for sushi. it sounds so delicious right now. the rice and crab meat, with avocado and celery *drools*. My favorite place to get sushi is definetly Kabuki's. they.. i cant even explain it. look it up, see if there's one near you, and go for the kill. I recommend the miso soup, california rolls, celery rolls, chicken teriyaki rolls, and the california rolls. yes i said it twice. thats how good it is.

2 daisies:

Katherine said...

YUM. I wasn't hungry and now I am, for sushi! Next time you're out here, I'll have to take you to my favorite place - Oki Doki Sushi (yes, I know that is a really dweeby name). They have caterpillar rolls, which are just like California rolls but they have an ENTIRE AVOCADO sliced up on top. Best sushi ever.

Shirley's Place said...

Ah, that sounds good right now.