July 7, 2008

An Outting

i went and did something for once. haha
got crappy pizza at Red Brick oven (i dont recommend it).
but i was with my friend so it's okey. she deserves to get taken out.
went to some random boutiques. and saw Wall-E. <- sooooo freakin cute ♥ she loved the memory book (see post below) so thats all that matters. Here are some pictures i took on our walk home. it was about 106 outside. not very good when you are wearing skin tight jeans and flats

ballet comes in handy at the weirdest times. still couldnt reach it though :
Hello, this is Harold. You wind him up and he inches along. took this when i was walking. was about to die of a heat stroke. my feet are all vainy from frolicing around, how attractive another one i took while i was walking\. itching my side, and the sun is beating down like a mo fo

it was a good day. went by really fast though. wish i could have a social life everyday..

8 daisies:

Ana said...

i hate to be a creeper but i am jealous of your face

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i love Harold, i got my friend one like that, only a lime green!
great blog! :)

Shirley's Place said...

I love that shirt.
And I wish I had that caterpillar. =)

Richel said...

ballet is so fun. It causes me to be quite weird, though. I've developed a habit where I constantly do pirouettes when I'm walking down the street.

Raven said...

In the words of Ana.. "I hate to be a creeper but.."

You take really pretty pictures. :)

Just thought I'd letcha know.

Jackie said...

cute outfit =]

btw, about your last post, my friend ALWAYS says poop on a stick. it's quite hi-larious.

Fashion Chic said...

great blog

Zai said...

i want harold!!
thanks for the helpfulness, i think i will keep the notebook idea mostly : )