July 2, 2008

A Little Photoshoot

Went out to eat with the family and my mom's old friend. Other than that I signed up for Teen Vogue's "30-Day Back to School" sweepstakes.
[go onto the website and there's ads to sign up all over the place]

I bought a denim vest from Urban Outfitters in May, but never had the guts to wear it. So, today i threw together a fall-ish outfit that's simple.
**Does the denim on the vest have to match the denim color of the jeans?
I've always wondered this.

vest: Urban Outfitters
Skinny Jeans: Target (GREAT find)
Booties: Payless (even better of a find!!)
tank: Forever 21

3 daisies:

annie44212 said...

I love your outfit and your blog!!

Alex said...

I adore this out fit!(:

Shirley's Place said...

Cute vest!