July 1, 2008

Au Revoir

Good bye my little (well really big) cat.
You could continue living the good life here;; but you chose to pee all over. what the heck is your problem??
Okey, im talking to my cat..
Today I had dance. Worked it out in pointe. Had it easy in ballet. and jazz... how could it be easier? but i killed my knee somehow.so i now walk like i have a peg leg. but it will get better in a few days time *fingers crossed*
I'm kind of addicted to this blog i've created. and it's only the second day :\
oh well. its better than other things i could get addicted to.

2 daisies:

Alex said...

I just started blogging also and I am also really adicted to mine...eventhough I'm positive no one even takes a glance at it. Dont ya love it?

Alex said...

Would you like to trade links?!