July 5, 2008

ohh Snape it's okeyy

Watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on ABC Family. Gosh darnnn it they keep cutting out parts. They all look like little babies :)
Geez Snape just because you loved his mom doesnt mean you have to be an A-hole. Oliver Wood is quite charming to say the least ♥♥♥. OH WOW I JUST FOUND OUT ITS A HARRY POTTER WEEKEND. swoooon.
i r going to be happy all weekend. even though i have to babysit all weekend


Andy Warhol bag, with Marilyn Monroe on it. was a gift from my friend ♥

back of the bag

me and my only friend. i call him Laptop. haha neeeerd

6 daisies:

Alex said...

Cute! I know exactly how you feel, my bestfriends name is PC hah(:

Kkkeri said...

Wowow are you doing a split in jeans?!

Want to trade links?

Anne Marie said...

nehh my leg is just traight on my dresser. haha

Ana said...

haha YES
i am one of your only friends
because i think i see my creeperish star face peering out from that teenvogue website

Zai said...

heyy yeah sure trade links : ) i love this bagg!!
and just generally your blog lol

Honeymoon said...

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