July 3, 2008

A Face a Grape a Mountain too

Today is the same as usual. Got my nails done (purple with stars.. wonder where i got the inspiration. haha). Eating grapes, bumming around, nothing ever changes eh? As usual, I have dance later on. Happy Happy Joy Joy Dance Spin Leap. ♥
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Gazed at the sunset for a bit, then whipped out my phone because I couldnt resist. I'm surrounded by mountains. Don't know what I'd do without em.

My profilic view. Is that even a word?

3 daisies:

Shirley's Place said...

I love your hair.
The pictures are cute, too.

teenvoguette said...

cute pictures! loving ur blog. =]

annie44212 said...

My G is getting too beautiful!!