July 29, 2008

headbandwearing bundle of joy

So I've found love.
Christofer Drew. singer from Never Shout Never.
my new obsession (his music haha). he's so cute. he's a vegetarian.
Dresses amazing. He's a Christian (that doesnt really matter to me)
and sfkgsdfglhdjkfhgdfjgdf LOOK AT HIM.

(his song bigcitydreams should be playing right now)
He's from Missouri - making him have the slightest accent when he sings certain words. okey i will stop swooning.

3 daisies:

Raven said...

your singer boy is cute

and your comment made me laugh.

i love you too. :)

yiqin; said...

Ok yes hes cute! I am going to check the band out now!!!! Why are lead singers always so cute?!?!

Zai said...

daniel blumberg is awesomer ;)