July 30, 2008

im a flexitarian

because i sometimes eat chicken nuggets. and sushi.
or a lacto-ovo-chicken-vegetarian. ha thats crazy.
today i ate no meat. when i looked at the porkchops, sgjhdshjgfdjghj.
i was like no no no. but i've never been fond of porkchops.
hot dogs make me sick.. they smell

for a while now (a year an a half ? ) i've been reading about vegetarianism. and i think its the best lifestyle you can live. it's beneficial to you AND other animals. win win situation.
I dont even know how love i've been supporting PETA. I only found out about it in like 7th grade or so. But its a wonderful foundation. and the people behind it are so strong and caring.
cant wait for my stickers to come in.

p.s. the new project runway is on

3 daisies:

Ebony said...

veggie power!! ;D

Raven said...


I don't care WHAT kind they are (beef, turkey, pork).. I'm NOT eating them. lol

Zai said...

i wish i could be a vegetarian. but food chain and so on... and i like meat haha thats soo bad lol but you know.
go you : )