August 9, 2008

skirts and skinnies

Today i was faced with the life altering decision of choosing a first day 'o school outfit.
Before we get to that, let me show you a skirt. it's the first skirt I've purchased in a LONG time. and its worn high waisted. what am i becoming?! my little brother was like "for some reason that reminds me of a grandma". young man you are wise.

now onto thee sk00l items.. first i chose this,, but it looks like im a bum then i moved onto a freakin tight-a shirt.
green shirt FTW!!
(for the win).

this little guy is coming with me to school. he's an Uglydoll named OX.respect.

5 daisies:

Kinsey said...

The first photo looks so fun! The skirt is really cute!
I love the t-shirt in the second photo!
thank you for the comment on my blog!

Sammie said...

The skirt is so cute and I really like the color of the green tee shirt! Congrats on finding a back to school outfit, haha.

Raven said...


And that picture in your headline! Its gorgeous. =)

And also that quote in your headline.

I miss you too.

And I love that word... 'bitchnut'

Jackie said...

i won this ugly doll card game thing from this website.

it was pretty cool. it's a crazyyy game that me and my friends play. requires a lot of shouting =]

i really love that skirt.

Ana said...

I LOVE your new header.