September 28, 2008

As September Leaves,

there needs to be some changes.
No more hating the world, being depressed for no reason, calling people names just because.
I had an "Epiphany" just a few minutes ago. And I realized that im always complaining, being glum.
I don't know. I just want change in my life (not that anything's really wrong).
A change in the world perhaps?
Don't you want October to be the best? Who am I even talking to..

I vow to not eat junk food, and make my appearance more [insert word here]. I cant think of a fitting word at the moment.
What the eff - Im a hippie. <33

Why can't we just all draw cute snails, drink tea, read novels or fairytales, and paint nonsense for the rest of our lives.

Rise n shine - it's a brand new effing day.

P.S. i think im going to lay off the heavy eyeliner for a bit too. Which is odd coming from me.

A Fairy Princess Gnome rabbit named Anne Marie.

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