September 26, 2008

Grrr Im a Rabid Squirrel..

About an hour ago we went on a Dunkin Donut run. Yeah at 8 o'clock at night. How amazingly delicious.
But there was a bunch of "bee word" eighth grade-esque girls there staring at me. WHAT DO I HAVE A BIG HUGE SIGN ON MY BACK?! AM I AN ALIEN? HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN A HUMAN BEFORE?!
ughh. And there was a grown woman (probably about 40 years old) that was staring at me and my mom. Even my dad noticed. Do i really look that odd?.. jeezus. do i look like I'm wasting away to nothing.

THEN when we were walking out the door with our donuts, one of the little brats said "don't starve yourself.."
EFF YOU.okey?

btw. i came home and ate a powdered donut and like three little munchkin donuts.

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