October 13, 2008


Vegas was a success for 90% of the time. I got really sick the second day and got really tired and angry towards the end - but all was well.
I feel like I've seen all of Vegas, considering we go every 2 or 3 monthes. But hey, the shopping is good. Everything below if from Urban Outfitters (except the scarf).

deep U neck "Barack of Love" shirt. get it get it? I chose it over a shirt that had FRANCE written on it.. so that's saying something good about Barack Obama. Im Anne Marie and I approve this message. long sleeved floral thermal. Love it. These cotton mary janes are amazingly comfortable. And they were two for $20. But he rang them up without the discount. It's woven or something haha. great for school.Scarf from H&M. It's a really deep purple, but for some reason showed up light. It was the first time I've been into H&M and it was.. really bright - clothing wise. And everything looked the same. But the scarf stood out.

There's also a feather necklace and grey long sleeved dress from F21.

AND a grey jacket from Urban that I adore. But it's in the dryer because it reaked of smoke.

Now Im going to eat and sleep. G'Day.

2 daisies:

Allie said...

HEYEHEYEHEEYEH.The black and white mary janes are precious. I WANT THEM. where (in vegas) did you find those gorgeous things?!

Tori said...

That thermal and those mary janes are just lovely!