October 15, 2008

I'm a Poster Child

Yesterday we had pictures from dance. I stole a few off the website. So what? They're of me, im allowed to. Cuz im da boss sukka. ^.^ Excuse the messy hair. Doing a leap. The arms are kinda mehh. I like this shot. So that's a success.
I'm the face for our dance team. haha. Not really, but the photographer used me as the sample shot.
But I'm not particulary fond of my head shot. I r in the very first row too. But that's our pom uniforms. Pom can die. Notice the beige blur from hiding my school's name. What a genius.

1 daisies:

:.:aNNa:.: said...

you're such a cool kid. i can't even do the splits, let alone while in the air.