January 15, 2009

Hello there :)

I have no motivation for blogging. Well.. that got to the point.
I'm not going to delete this blog, because I love it dearly, but I might take a wee little break.

I've been going through a weird faze:
eating breakfast for dinner everyday.
not matching everyday (and liking it) - neons and darks. plaid and argyle.
techno 24/7.
meeting new people who are younger than me and getting along with them.

what an oddball.
By the way, I ate 10 jalapenos today and survived to tell the tale.

4 daisies:

Raven said...

Younger people are fun. I hate getting old. :( lol

But have fun with your hiatus. :)

Ana said...

I'm glad you're not deleting.

I love that you mismatch. Post pics.

lam said...

i love that seaotter dearly hahaa.
and i love youuuuuuuuuuu.
have fun on your little break.

Mary said...

Don't delete! Take a break if you must!

I love eating breakfast for dinner. Cinnamon toast and scrambled eggs? YES PLEASE!