January 4, 2009

Honey Im Home

Today I got back from California. I was sick the whole time, but it wasn't a bad trip. I just hate driving for hours and hours (like 4).
We were in Newport Harbor and Balboa the first two days and then went to anahein for Supercross.. but i didnt go becasue I was on my deathbed.
Let me tell you, I felt like I was at an UGG Convention (i hope one doesn't exist). Everywhere I looked, someone was wearing Uggs. there's no originality.
I didn't get to take pictures because I got my phone taken away New Year's Eve.
HAPPY HAPPYYYYYYY JOY.. note the sarcasm?
Tomorrow I have to go back to school, and I still want the legwarmers below.

6 daisies:

david santos said...

Have a nice week!!!!!!

Raven said...

How'd you get your phone taken?

Anonymous said...

I heart my UGGS though I never (rarely) leave the house in them.


Ana said...

Oh lord. Uggs=loaves of bread on your feet.

Sucks that you got your phone taken away. :(

Raven said...

*refering to your comment*

I know it won't kill me... technically. It was more like built up stress that unintentionally got let out because my parents are trying to force feed me now. And the least they could do is respect my wishes and not give me a hog. :( Its gross.

Morena said...

Oh who's that David Santos guy? I hope you know him, otherwise how weird.

Anyway, we never traded link. Just saying.