January 7, 2009

Man Up

That's what this 7 year old girl was saying when she was dancing yesterday.
BUT she wasn't saying it to me, she was saying it to the guy that works at the studio. Guys need to be put in line sometimes, even if it's by a seven year old.
I had to do a thing about my life from birth until the future (like what we want to do) And I made my life seem happier than it is. Or maybe it really has been happy over all, and the individual bad days make it seem like I'm always depressed.

Anywhoo, I found some pictures from 2 years ago. And I look A LOT different now.

(click for bigger)

Blonde hair does NOT suit me at all. My face is all washed out and red, because we were at a water park all day and I was going to a dance.
It's so weird how someone can change over the course of two years.

excuse the face. haha
but that's how I looks now. My appearance / style has done a 180. And I like the drastic changes I've made over the years.

P.S. what color hair looks best on you?

6 daisies:

Morena said...

The blonde was super cute!
You look great now, but the blonde wasn't that bad.

Morena said...

I totally agree with the comment. Seriously.

lam said...

You iz too hawt fo wordz ;)

Ps: the code word thingie is GYRATES

Zai said...

i love your eye makeup, what brand in the purple eyeliner?
oh and, i think probably my natural colour suits me best, how dull.

Ana said...

Oh wow, you do look different.

I like you better now though. More unique.

Meredith said...

Awe! I love seven year olds

and I like that conclusion, Anna!

LOL... my last sign... it is for trannies... ;)