January 29, 2009

This morning I looked gothic. It was horrible. But only my face did. My clothes were how I normally dress. See for your own eyes. HORRIBLE!! Ew. Just no. Never wearing black eyeshadow again.

this week has not been good. I cried almost all day yesterday.

Today was a half day so school ended at 10:20. what a waste.
In class we each wrote down 5 things we want to change about ourselves, then threw it across the room in a ball. And read someone else's. And we made a list on the board of all the insecurities written down.
Im pretty sure mine didn't get read outloud - or someone reworded what i wrote.
The other day my friend (who's in that class with me) told me he might have cancer. But doesn't find out until thursday. I hate this.

5 daisies:

Ally said...

yeah the eyes are creepy. thats partly the reason i don't wear make up.

about your friend, if he does have it, i've been there. twice. so if you need to talk, i'm here.

Raven said...

Yeah I'm glad ally commented this because I was going to say you should talk to her about it. She can give better advice than anyone eles on it.

I'm sorry things aren't going well sweetie

lam said...

Sorry about your shitacious week. Next week will be better. And i'm sorry about your friend, good luck to him. I hope he'll be ok.

Ps: The uh word verification is.. "sworitie"..which isn't funny. Damn.

Ana said...

I'm sorry about your week. Email me if you need to.

I hope your friend is ok.

Crazy Hyper Emo Zelda Cheeseball In Outer Space That Loves Pie said...

you look good gothic