March 29, 2009

I'm illiterate at night

I'm in desperate need of a camera. Every single picture off of this blog (that are mine) were taken from my phone. That doesn't even sound grammatically correct. Letting your hair grow out is a beeotch. ^^^ outfit from Saturday. The shorts were purple - i borrowed them from my thankfully same sized friend. I've never had a friend that is the same size as me, and trust me, we are taking advantage of each others' wardrobes.

The grand opening of the FREAKIN GINORMOUS Forever 21 by my house was Saturday. It's the largest one in Arizona. I had to go, just to see if it was really possible to upgrade the small one to two stories. Yeah it was bazarre, but I loved it. AND i fell in love there,, and it wasnt with a clothing item. haha

well i have to catch the bus in the morning, for the first time in 2 years. That'll be interesting.

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Ally said...

your f21 is two stories? jealous. i have a strange addiction to that store.