April 2, 2009


I told my friend to make a list of all the animals he could think of, and he's making me make a list of things that start with "j". So let's get crackalackin. I haven't even thought of anything yet. I'll be adding more throughout April when a radom word comes along. Im a nerd. NO DICTIONARY CAN BE USED.

juice, jumper, jam, jupiter,january, june, july, jewish, justice, juniper, jizz, jazz, jump, jeté, jerrycurls, just, jaunt, jack, jill, jim, jello, jelly, jabber, jen, jiffy, JUNO, justification, jigglypuff , jeopordy, jawbreaker, jag, jig, jail, juvenile, jog, jungle, jujubee, jubilation, jugular, jumbalaya, jesus, juxtaposition, job, jackpot, judge, jar, jaw, juggle, joint, Japan, journal, jester, jellyfish, jackass, jingle, jinx, jesus

add more in the comments

2 daisies:

lam said...

omg im gonna fucking cry. i just wrote out like 40 words and it got deleted.
fuck my lifee.

ok umm..

jizz, jazz, jeopordy, jawbreaker, jag, jigg, jail..
shit i cant remember the rest:(

Ruta said...

jackle? i think thats a type of dog