April 4, 2009

It's simply decadent

THIS muthaa fuccccka. (long story)
Me and my friends had a sleep over last night :) Because sometimes you just have to regress to eating junk food all night / morning. I had nice clean fun, opposed to going out and partying with people I hardly even know (like I was going to Friday night).

Today I was waiting in line, to pay for my aquamarine colored v-neck. The cashier said she could help whoever's next in line, and I was next. But some old freakin stickuptheass grandpa YELLS at me "THERE'S A WHOLE LINE OF PEOPLE" So i say "ok sorry." Does the old fart shut up after this? NO. He continues to complain to the people who work at the store (let me just say I was at Forever 21.. why was an old guy shopping at forever 21 alone?). He continues saying all this blasphemous things to the employees like "YOU GUYS NEED TO OPEN ANOTHER LANE. HURRY UP SO WE CAN ALL GET ON WITH OUR DAY."
Is he freakin crazy? There was barely anyone in line, and there were like 5 cash registers open.

Some people make me so mad. Go take your meds old man. He was out of line.

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