May 27, 2009

Today I got back from California. The whole time we were there I was dying to come back home. I didn't enjoy and soak in our vacation, because I was anxious to come back to Arizona. I was happy to come home at first, but now I want more than anything to get away. I take my family for granted.
I'm going to my friend's house in a little bit. Her goofy ways can cheer me up.

Home is where the heart is. Hearts get hurt. It's better to stay away from home, where you wear your heart on your sleeve.

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Katherine said...

It was really good to see you guys. I hope you got to eat a chocolate covered banana... I want to go back there right now and eat another one. Craaaazy good.

hrh_cesc said...
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hrh_cesc said...

Nice quote and lovely pics.

You're so lucky you're on vaction. I'm counting down the seconds til mine starts.


PS: Stars are indeed purple!

lamaa said...

You're so hawwwt! And gorgeous. I'm jealous.

You should seriously do commercial modeling.