May 10, 2009

With this face is how I get the men

This is how I feel about school and finals right now: Why do teachers choose the worst weekends to assign projects?

Ok ok I have to go back to writing my cultural research paper on Slovenia.
But wait, I'm getting distracted as I type this very sentence by a show about sex appeal. It's a scientific study. Oooo lala.

I feel like I neglect my blog when blogger home not set at my homepage.

Oh, and and while we're on the topic of sex appeal (i guess), would you ever date someone who's a year younger than you and your friends are telling you not to because he's in a grade lower?
Not that it pertains to me or anything
wait what?
I have too many facial expressions.

1 daisies:

Anonymous said...

Thats a cute face girl! <3

School is almost ovah though. You will make it.