July 12, 2008

5, 6, 7, 8

so its au revoir until Thursday. I have a National Dance Association camp at NAU. dancing from 8 o'clock in the morning til 10 at night. Boyyyyy i'm going to be dead by the time we get back.

We have to showcase a dance and get feedback / critique. this is going to be interesting... we had 4 hours to LEARN and practice our dance. This is NOT enough time to work on an ace routine. The other schools have probably been working all summer. oh well, we have attitude and pretty faces. haha it'll be okey. We need to bond and learn more dances to do at the football games. plus, there's only 7 of us going. Out of 23 girls/guys.
WTF? that's not even half of us. dkljhgdflgkhd,ghdfjgklhjdf,g
There should be a lot of stories and pictures when i get back.
P.S. that's my porcelain ballerina i've had for years ♥

2 daisies:

Raven said...

Have fun love!


Belle said...

Have fun, and good luck.