July 1, 2008

Song & Book of the Day

So since I'm a book nerd and love music, there shall be a Song and Book of the day.

Song: Let's Dance to the Joy Division
Artist- The Wombats
(pictured above)
The Wombats have a distinct sound from Liverpool, UK.
You can blast this while you're driving, sing along it it, and it just makes you feel so happy (as the lyrics ironically say). MAKES YA WANNA DANCE AND DO A LITTLE JIG. haha
*the song is in my Teddy's boombox on the side.

Book: Dangerous Angels
Author- Francesca Lia Block
This contains the FIVE books that are in the Weetzie Bat series.
It's kind of hard to explain this book(s). Its magical but in an adult matured way. It's a book of love, lose, beauty, and pain.
But its not the least bit sappy or abra-ca-dabera.
I fell in love with Weetzie (the girl who started it all). I'd give up this life, to live in the one Francesca Lia Block has created for her slinkster-cool characters. It's almost as if the book is real life. ♥

2 daisies:

Shirley's Place said...

Great song!

Katherine said...

Oh, I love that book so much. I remember when I first read it... it was like, revolutionary. Slinkster cool.

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