July 31, 2008


crazy peacock shirt, plaid/bamboo shoes, and crazy bag.
that would be the bag im using for school. click to see larger.

a while ago i went outside to test out this sun print thing. let's just say it didnt work. and i was so hopeful for it too.

i love how the shadow looks like a little boy is taking a picture.

one of the cats killed a bird. so there were feathers all over the place in a patch. two times more than what is shown in the piture. so sad..

8 daisies:

La Femme Chic said...

Very cute bag!

Raven said...

is that you in that picture?

Raven said...

Oh no, its good! You're GORGEOUS! lol really. Its a really pretty picture, I just wasn't sure because it really does look like a little boy in the shadow.. So it threw me off a little. lol

Kaitlin Rae said...

you are really pretty!!! cute stuff!

mary said...

The picture of you is gorgeous, and the feather one is beautiful, but so saddening. So.. darer I say.. metaphorical?
Lovely as always.
And yes, I make them all.

Anne Marie said...

thank you all for the wonderful comments! i appreciate them dearly ♥

J'adore Ty said...
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J'adore Ty said...

love that bag!