July 7, 2008

The Last Jubilation

Today is my best friend's birthday. and perhaps the last time we shall chill.
Because she's moving across the country, about a thousand or more miles away. :( poop on a stick
I didnt know if i wanted to get her a gift certificate, clothes, make up, money, etc etc. It all seemed so impersonal. There's so many inside jokes we've had, pictures taken, and long phone conversations. I wanted to give her something that she wont grow out of, but is also visually appealing. So i hit up the craft area of a store, spent about 25 dollars and came up with this:
these are just my favorite pages.
*click the pictures to see them bigger

now i have to call her and see what time we are going out to eat and what movie we're going to see.

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Allie said...

You're so creative. How are you?