July 19, 2008

Look how tis glows

Yesterday after getting three shots, mum insisted on me staying home because i got "live viruses injected" into both arms. WHAT?? so thats what those three shots were for. eww. oh well. at least i found out i dont have a fear of needles. i dont know why some people spazz out before they get ONE shot. doesnt hurt to me. maybe because the nurse was amazing.

So what does someone like me do for about 5 hours by herself -- while her family is at a dirtbike track?
reads Nylon backwards. takes pictures with different effects. brings her bengal kitten outside for an adventure. eat a lot of junk (despite the doctor saying to eat veggies). watch HGTV because there are over 900 channels and nothing to catch my interest.

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Alexis said...

could you link me?