July 19, 2008

i dont like the spaces inbetween the lines.helpplease

Being 15 years old, comes with a lot of life altering decisions.
yeah... no, no it does not. haha

I have forty dollars left over from camp. So I was faced with the problem of buying a pair of moccasin-esque shoes or BOOKS.
i chose books. shoes can wait a while.. cant believe i just typed this...........
Suggest me some books, so i can be huddled in my own world for days.
wait... arent i already?

4 daisies:

ben said...

Nine Stories or anything by JD Salinger (Aunt Katherine does not recommend him, but what does she know)
short stories by Flannery O'Connor

First, you need to go to goodreads.com. It is great.

Then, order books from half.com, or amazon, or powells. You will get so many more books for the buck.

Ana said...

Bleed, The Bell Jar, Its Kind of a Funny Story, anything by Alexander Mccall Smith, The Sea by Jonh Banville, The Luxe...me thinks you've already read some of those though.

ellie said...

Try to find books that will help you find your passion. Perhaps that one about break the rules of sewing. Learn some new with a book.

Ashley L. said...

im probably a little late but here are my summer reading recommendations:

1. under a marble sky
2. kite runner
3. a simple life

this is my first visit to your blog. its lovely!