August 4, 2008

i almost forgot a title

i made my grandma cry. not really!
i was walking around and talking like an old man, because thee shirt is tucked in and my shorts are worn high. what a sugar rushhhhh

im leaving for Vegas in the morning, but this bad boy is coming with me.
im afraid my laptop is going to get destroyed. but HEY!! i'll have something to do when they stay out late. i r all packed up and ready

oh, and i finished Breaking Dawn.. FREAKIN A! why do all good books have to have an ending? hmmm?!

3 daisies:

emily said...

ahh i hate twilight. but have fun on your trip!

Sam said...

i have yet to read breaking dawn. but i will.
ah you lucky mofo! vegas! have fun!

Jackie said...

Ooh, I love those shorts with the belt.

At first, I really didn't like Twilight at all. I think it was because I went through it WAY too fast? But after reading Breaking Dawn (like last week), I decided that Twilight was worth reading again =]

And about your bobble-head comment: HAHAH. It made me laugh. I'm prettty sure it was creepy. =D