August 6, 2008

about to fall asleep

Right now i am sitting in a freakin house sized hotel room in Vegas. yeeeaaayah. that's the view if you look to the left out the window
this trip has been good. i only freaked out twice so far. haha once because the people at McDonald's didnt get the order right, and we were already at the hotel room and i lost 16 of the change. the other freak out was today - i got locked out of the hotel room, because i didnt want to go to the pool. stupid room keys.

Yesterday we went to F.A.O Schwartz's. they had Harry Potter things like no other. and you know how much i love me some HP. i got a Slytherin scarf, and am in love with it.
Today me and mi madre went back to the Forum Shops and well.. shopped. The stores are OUTRAGEOUS. i've never seen to many designer stores in the same place. you can basically name a store and it would be there. I love this picture so much, its the wallpaper on my laptop.

Okey, so the penthouse rooms (which we are staying in) have a second door that says "Chamber ___" with the room number next to it. and being the Harry Potter freak i am, i'll only enter through this door. why?
ITS THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS. and my brothers say im the heir of slytherin. hey i have the scarf, so i must be. haha

3 daisies:

Sam said...

cute scarf and the hotel looks amazing!

Sam said...

sounds like you are having mucho fun times!
lucky ducky!

Belle said...

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun... it also sounds like the shopping is to dye for. I want a HP scarf too.