August 17, 2008


I never respond to chain messages. They are so very stupid, if you want to tell someone you love them or they're one of your "besties", then just tell them. Dont send the same generic message to like ten people OR YOU WILL DIE IN FIVE POINT TWO SECONDS. please shaddup.
A few minutes ago i got one that said:
"this picture is sacred, a man named Kendal recieved this pic and deleted it and his son died 8 days later, a woman named Carly recieved this message and told her secretary to make copies but forgot to send them and the secretary lost her job and Carly died 2 nights later, a man named Shelton recieved this and sent it automatically and won the lottery. SEND THIS TO 10 PEOPLE OR ELSE.."

really?.. or else what?
but i do like the picture.. even though its obviously photshopped:The name Shelton is pretty spiffy, if i do say so myself.

4 daisies:

Sam said...

Shelton is a pretty spiffy name! :)
and that picture is very cool.

Sam said...

ha. those messages are always annoying.
but i still end up sending them just in case. Lol

Jackie said...


Ha, where do I know that name from?

Once when I was really little, I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't send the message. So I deleted it. The message said I would die at 12 at night... So I lied there for like two hours until my clock read 12 and then after that, I just deleted all chain mail.

Not sure if you followed that...

Allie said...

Anna you loser. :] I miss you mahh derrr'. ;\ ugh gah, what the hell where are my cute little faces i usually have? anyways.

i thought.

BAH. I looked it up on urban's the, on your elbow. lmao. i'm gonna go now.
hell. i forgot to email you back. i'll do that now.

p.s...the word verifications piss me off. i have bad i type it wrong all the time so i have to do it about 56 times. :p hahha