August 14, 2008

the one where i cant get the formatting right

Why didnt anyone tell me this was on?
Laguna Hills is my faaaavorite.

Oh "LC", stop being so emo and dramatic.
School is such a bore. It's the same everyday. This year is just going to be blahh. I want to go back to sleeping in until nine o'clock. hmmpfh.
random picture.. am i the only one that thinks blogger is being really irritating at the moment? maybe because i havent updated in a few days. These chocolates are good. 4 have been consumed today.haha my friend just texted me "eww i hate tomatoes"
that's my nickname from him

1 daisies:

Raven said...

Hello love. =)

That picture of you is pretty.

I'm glad you're enjoying your chocolates.