August 18, 2008

give up kid

you're never gunna winthis weekend was just not awesome. i had to do a car wash for dance (lame) and then we had a team party 6 hours after that was done.
it just wasnt good times. im a failure at social situations,, especially when its will VERY clique-y cheerleaders who happen to be in performance dance. boo they suck.

i very much forgot that a had to rewrite The Monkey's Paw.
what reminded me was a photo of the Simpson's in NYLON.
(we watched an episode of the Simpson's doing a parody of the monkey's paw story)
so that's what Anne Marie will be doing after this post.
you know you're a nerd when you get EXTREMELY excited about going to the school's library during english.. yeah thats me i was like "YAY!" then i kinda looked around and nobody else was happy.. thee books i pcked out:
Anne Marizzle

P.S. im a crazy triceratops Slytherin with frog legs

2 daisies:

iheartfashion said...

i love your top its really cute

Raven said...

I'm reading Franny and Zooey too!!!!

Franny is like, my twin. :)