October 31, 2008

Fierce without the mask

Today I've worn 4 different outfits. Too crazy.

to school - black basketball shorts, blue long sleeved shirt
after 2nd hour - white denim shorts, brown half sleeve loose tee
[i didn't feel like getting dressed this morning, so i just put on real clothing after dance]

for Halloween - skinnies, black flowy top, black heels, cheetah mask

shooooot you don't even know how hot that mask made my face. Yeah it was fierce and delish, but i was about to die from heat stroke!! (that's why im giving the cheetah mask a weird look) haha.

My throat hurts bad and i keep coughing and hacking like a seal.

This way on the way to school at like 7 o'clock in the morning. I was not diggin the whole Halloween vibe yet. And it still doesn't feel like its Halloween for some reason.

and now i just have on brown shorts, brown tank, and a hoodie. How glamorous
*coughs and over again*

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