October 27, 2008

Silly Rabbit

Trix are for kids. Oh the references..
My room has really bad lighting, because the sun is like shkjghfdkghf and my ceiling lights are terrible.
That's why I love sepia tone and black&white.

Dead corsage thing from the homecoming game (they actually won).
And I stole this picture of me from my friend (i tend to take my pictures from other people without them knowing).
Love the border she set around it. Stupid pom. Blehh so happy football homegames are DONE.

Nothing new really. I was so tired in Topics of Algebra today, im pretty sure I fell asleep. What a horrible person ;)
Then this boy comes up to me and was like "Anne Marie you don't know how to do any of this huh?"
me: "Nope!"
him: "aww yeah i saw you over there sleeping like this"
(then he re-enacted how i was sleeping).

After school we went to Red Robin - their milkshakes make me so full :/ I hate it.

Now I sit by one of my friends in biology,, the teacher is probably like oh gaaaaahd. Because me and him are always making up like weird scenarios and telling stories. Good times.

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Lee Jones said...

cute photos, i like the blog - keep it up : )