October 5, 2008

Snuggle Cuddle then Hug Me

lalalalalalalalalalalalalala. You are my sweetest love.
Tomorrow is "Kids R Us" Day for spirit week. When I was a kid I dressed like a fruit. Floral dresses all the time, lacy socks, tennis shoes, bows in my hair. And bangs. I used to cut my bangs crookedly all the time. It was a trade mark by the age of three.

So tomorrow to school, I'm going to wear a blue dress that has pockets on it, floral tank top, cheetah converse, and a bunch of clips in my hair.
My mother dearest said that everyday was rediculous with me. Wich it still is.. both clothing wise and everything else wise.
A few examples of my clippies <3

So when i was like 5 or so I got this doggy named Baby Patches. He is the love of my life. And I remember the exact day I got him too. He's right next to me as we speak.. ermm as I type this. And he's the only dog i've actaully ever liked for more than ten minutes.

There he is. Ain't he a beauty?! :>
That book Disney Girls is pretty much my life. I read it way too many times, and was extremly jealous of all of them. I liked Ariel the best, because she got to be the little mermaid. Lucky hoee.

P.S. I was going to wear my fairy wings with it, but I don't think Stan would like that (the principle - we're on a first name basis.. well he just doesnt know it).

AND i can't find my Mermaid backpack from back in the day. I mean from like Kindergarten.

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