November 8, 2008

Did I just assist you in your willful self-destruction

I have a bajillion torn pieces of paper used as place markers in Looking for Alaska. As I'm going skimming through it again, it's making me sad. Freaking A. I feel like I'm apart of their shenanigans.
And Margo Roth Spiegleman bugged the CRAP out of me in the end of Paper Towns. She didnt live up to what I wanted her to be. But I guess that's why she's just a paper girl. :\
John Green you need to pull me back into reality (if you ever read this wich i doubt, but hey a girl can hope).

Yay for pictures sporadically throughout blog posts!!
BUT I do want to color my hair again. What can I say, I get bored easily. It needs to be darker. And excuse the arm, I was doing a nudge (like wink wink nudge nudge).

And these are the most comfortable boots/slippers ever

Too bad they'd get ruined if I wore them outside the house.

Today I managed to:
get ready in like 10 minutes after I showered
work out at the rec. center (i should get payed for that!)
Find the most amazing slipper boots
disappoint someone really bad.. sorry ?
send picture messages of stuffed animal squirrels (who knew that my friend has the same one?!)
not get anything done for a humungous project that is due Monday

^ freakin story of my life

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Raven said...

Oh this is slightly unrelated to your post, but i just thought i'd mention that I started liking Owl City because of you. :)

I love that song Dear Vienna.

Just thought I'd tell you :)