November 5, 2008

Schedules and Changes

OCD was in overhaul today. We filled out our possible schedules for next year (ahhh! only two more years left of school).
BUT next semester i will even have totally different classes than i do now
Next Semester:
World History
Performance Dance (i have it now too)
College Algebra
Life Facs (which i was supposed to take last year but i didnt want to, but now i want to).

It looks like my legs are chopped off and im floating!! How amazing is that!!

Classes I chose for Junior year (next year):
English III Honors
AP US/AZ History
Human Physiology
Child Development
Spanish I and ll (ughhh I DO NOT want to take these two)
Oral Interpretations (the teacher is AMAZING, he's like my mentor)

but i'll have four of them for first semester and four second semester.

I was soooo indecisive while choosing my classes. I had to take out some classes that i REALLY wanted and I was not a happy person.

The very dreadful and unfortunate decision was made to stop doing dance at school. Im really depressed about it, but on the other hand, I need to take TWO foreign languages (wtf they dont have French at my school, how rude). So that being said, Im going to go back to studio next year and do conventions and competitions. Plus school's technique level isn't very high and we don't do ballet. And I want to get my pointe schoes.

A great accomplishment: I am going to be done with math after next semester. That deserves a slow clap.

2 daisies:

Mary said...

Ahh! I remember picking out classes and everyone made it seem like THE REST OF YOUR LIFE was at stake. Like gosh... it was TAKE ADVANCED MATH OR BE A HOBO... or die.

Lucky you getting rid of math! I wish my mother had let me!

jujusheart2 said...

No more math. Good for you!
you are pretty. :)