November 20, 2008

if you close your eyes long enough you'll see light

Skins has engulfed my life. I'm obsessed. The past four days I've watched both seasons.
Maxxie, Effy, Anwar, Chris, Cassie - every single person is lovely, but those 5 are my favorite.
But Sketch can just fall of the face of the planet.

Look im getting all emotional about a show.
By the middle of the second episode in season one, I was convinced that Cassie was insane [she is], but some of the things she says are just so amazing - insane but has an aesthetic about it.

how completely mental but i love her all the same.
BUT she gets me so mad when she messes with everyone's minds.

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Raven said...

Oh this used to be on my blog forever.

This is freaking amazing.