December 30, 2008

Day of Opportunities

Today Lady Luck came knocking on my window. It's about time something good happened.
I got my haircut by an AMAZING guy. He's like.. I don't even know. Really freakin good.

The layers are mega short again. And the layers from the back are pushed to the front. Too crazy. ANYWAY! That's not the point. The point is, he wants to use me as a model for his photo shoot. So hopefully he'll follow through with it.

And I started dancing at the new studio by my house. And shooot, I am so happy that I did. The owner is pregnant and needs help (because she could injure herself and the baby if she dances too much). So she basically gave me a job teaching her classes for her. Woop woop!! It's just what I wanted. But instead of getting paid with money because she's tight on cash, I get to take as many classes as I want. Which is better than money right now.

Stuff like this rarely happens to me.
And I feel greatful that I am getting opportunities like these.

4 daisies:

Ana said...

Omg that sounds amazing. It made me feel lucky just reading it.
You must be an uber good dancer.

Rose Valentine said...

Wow. That's amazing. :)

Morena said...

You're hair is super cute.
He'll be wrong not to give you that modeling job. It's just too adorable.

Raven said...

Thanks for the comment :)

And I'm some freaking excited for you love!!

Happy new year