December 16, 2008

I Survived

finals (almost). Hallelujah!
I finished my topics finals, and there's no way I can fail the class because I have a 91%. That was reassuring when I didn't know half the questions on the test. But Part 2 (word problems) was super easy for some reason.

In English we didn't have an exam. BUT we have to rewrite a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream and act it out without our script at hand. What the eff, this isnt drama class. My group's scene is all ghetto. It's really funny.
Biology had 100 questions and i was buggin out!! I forgot everything we learned. and we still have another exam. Oh well I have a 98.

Notice the pattern of me not caring about exams because I have a good grade :P
And lastly, in dance tomorrow we have a choreographer coming in.
The end.

2 daisies:

Raven said...

I'm not starting anything.... =)

I'm fine.

Anyway. Hope you do well on finals. I have mid-terms (all of my classes are year long)

Ana said...

Oooh good job. I hate it when my english teacher makes me act out things..gah.