December 22, 2008


Last night my dad had to take our kitten to the vet because he's been sick for three monthes. and no matter how many times we've taken him prior to last night the idiot vet always said to just give him time to get better.
But we couldnt let him suffer any longer, so i guess my dad took him to an emergency vet place. I was asleep and had no clue. Just showd how oblivious i am to things.
They said that his Kidney was failing and he died. I never got to kiss him goodbye.

This was during the day yesterday, hours before he died. It's strange, because I've never really taken pictures of him, but something was telling me to. RIP Jimmy. Iloveyou.

Today's outfit

Worn out skinny jeans, mom's gladiator esque heeled sandals, flowy white blouse dress These last two were not edited at all (nor was Jimmy's). Love how eerie they came out.

P.S. Blogger is looking really strange lately.. doesnt it?

4 daisies:

Ana said...

I honestly cried a little about your kitty. But I bet he's prancing around in Kitty Heaven with my old cat.

xladyxleahx said...

awwww RIP kitty

i just found your blog n like it
love the winnie the pooh quotetoo!

B said...

Number one, I'm really really really sorry. Poor little kitty. ]: You should sue that vet. Does he know your cat has passed away now?

Number two, the picture thing is strange. Perhaps a "mother's" intuition?

Thirdly, and on a brighter note, I enjoy your blog. Your posts are funny/far from boring.

RIP li'l feline.

Sophia said...

i've never had a pet before, but i can't even imagine how awful it must be when they die. =[ he was a cutie though. that's so weird that you took pictures of him! spooky.. =0