December 25, 2008

"Hey Mom do you want me to tell you something to get you mad?"

That's what I say every Christmas. >:D
Following that, I start laughing really bad and then say "It doesnt even feel like Christmas."
It gets my mom sooo mad. And makes me laugh because I dont mean it.
This morning we actually slept in until 5:30. And we still have to do the Santa thing, because of my little brother. But this is basically his last year of believing
(shun the non believers).
Today went well. I just kinda went about the day. Dinner [well lunch] was amazing though.Then BAM - at around 8 o'clock i got really hyper. and now im crashed.

i'll take pictures tomorrow.
A marathon or house is on until 2 o'clock tonight.
AND it's on all day tomorrow. I'll go more into the festive details tomorrow.

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Ana said...

Thats funny about you and your mom. Cant wait for ze pics.