December 2, 2008

what rehearsal does to me

this is how i look after only five hours of sleep. then having to go to rehearsal for dance and being at school for 12 hours daaang i look busted - there is dark brown make up under my eyes and on my neck.
I really hope the recital goes well. because i've worked hard and the teachers are beeeeeeeeeotches.
ive gotten in BAD arguements and lost friends because of dance, gained new friends that i love, and met some pretty amazing people. I think i've really grown as a dancer, and gotten a better attitude towards some things because of dance. yeah im still a brat and get fired up, but overall i just feel so free and alive when im dancing.
ive been doing it for a little over 5 years, and i'll keep doing it until i can no longer walk. and even when i'm bedridden, i'll be bustin a move and dancing even better without moving my legs <3

3 daisies:

Aren said...

Yeah, I'm working on four hours of sleep today. I hate dark circles under my eyes. >_> Awh, I love dancing, I dance contemporary and it's envolved into something I can't live without. Good luck on your recital. :)

lamaa said...

vampires are awesome.
haha speaking of neck hurts :\

and the word i have to type in for verification or whatever is..

piophre. lovely.

Raven said...

You're still gorgeous.