December 26, 2008

wind can die

It's been really windy ever since last night. And the sound is annoying.
I'm tired and cold and not in the mood. Happy that its just my family home today - aka all the relatives left.
Christmas went by so fast: you prepare for it for a while, and then it's gone in a few hours. But I really appreciate everything I got - even though it's not all about receiving gifts and what not.
Here's a few things that were near each other, so I just arranged them for a photo

I watched Across the Universe (for the 50th time), while a bunch of people were over. Whatever I like Jude and Max way better than people I don't even know. :]
The first time I saw it last year, it was love at first sight.

The best thing I got was money to pay for dance classes at the new studio that's like a minute away from my house. My friend works there, and hopefully by summer I can have a job demo-ing for her or something.

It's really cold outside, and windy. And this blogger is extremely tired.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
(now we just have to get through New Years)

3 daisies:

Meredith said...

haha... GO SLEEP! and i loveee Across the Universe.

that movie is pure genius.

and i linked you. ;) i could have sworrnnnnn i did! :/

Raven said...

You and that headband :)

Its gorgeous though.

ally said...

13 reasons why is one of the best books i've ever read in my life. and i've read a lot.